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澳门游戏网站平台大全,I can not stop to tell myself how amazed I can feel in the movie.

As we know, The Shawshank Redemption is awarded with the first prize in the list of IMDb's commention, but it had not won any prize in its Oscar year, though it was nominated for seven Academy Awards. Whatever happened that year is hard to review. But those standed for outstanding and excellent never fade away, for they can lead you to know what you are and how to do with your life, like this redemption, never give up hopes, do well with your talents.

perhaps the time is too late to read for the movie, but I have a time and use it to cross 30 years to watch the time machine movie. recode, it is 2016 17th of may 04:58am in the morning. it is so crazy about it, I watch it to spend my all the night. from 1 to 3 , and now I am here to show you what I felt in the movie.

澳门游戏平台注册网站,The first time i watched the movie was nearly four years ago when i was still a white blank with films. I can still remember that one of my classmates recommended it for me as one of his most favorite films, and that guy is a talented boy Caipan buddy. But i couldn't call back the sense after my first seeing. Two days ago I lost myself with my future. There seems many ways to fulfill my future, to go abroad, America, to make a job next year in Shenzhen, to Beijing for my godgirl, or to make another new friend with new life. Actually when it turns to my heart, they would disappear generally and I even couldn’t catch one of the wonderful syllables. I hate this feeling that these brilliant sapphires are all temporary. And always to the end there would be nothing leaving for me. Life is full of disasters and I am the protagonist who needs soul travelling free. Back to star, hopes are always waiting for you. Maybe this is the best way to understand our principles in the world. Until now, I couldn’t handle it well and my study in fact have many troubles because of it. It is hard to imagine the broken heart existing in this acutely fierce world. Cheat myself everything goes well and comfort my heart for it is really so weak, easily to be fragile. These days I read many books, two each week, one for my subject, the other for literate. I am so afraid to be mad with my mathematical courses and my subject with shallow water equations. I also dream of my knowledgeable day, but I am worry about my heart. My liability is to do my best now and prepare well for every possible case.

according to the time sequence, I choose to write down the review in 1 .the 1 was done by a funny family drama time travel . just for my feeling, the time travel is so interesting that let mack to go back to1955 and meet his father and mother, though it is just for an accident. mack need to find the method to back to the future. that's so crazy why the movie was called to back to the future.

Mentioning the Shawshank Redemption, I think it teaches me how to deal with my life for every suddenly bad changing. One should be skillful in one field that can be the greatest weapon to defend himself from suffers. Never lost hopes, no matter how long it takes. The world is beautiful and keep best hopes for the future. Do not let the feeling of being left out hinder your moving steps. Redemption and renaissance will take place I believe. Be nomadic, but keep a north direction. A nomadic soul also live well in Guangzhou, hah. Recently I have a feeling of enjoying when I rambling in the campus. Yes, I like sysu so much. She must be the most beautiful school in my country. Although I am still preparing my Beijing moving with a monkey friend, I can see the hoping future with my favourite city in Guangdong, like Shenzhen City. Nowadays, what I need to do is follow my solid steps with my paper and my subject about programs and modules. I am not really like this prison break episode in the movie, for I have seen this type with the TV series Prison Break. But the hope it gave to me that no matter how terrible the situation is, one day life will be better.

well , the scenario was easy to guess what it run. to promise this time sequence wasn't changed . if it were being any changed, the paradox would happened andlet mack existence to disappear. but unlucky, when mack came back, the time sequence had been changed. the second purpose, let himself be back to future. it means, he need to let the inventer who is his admiring person, duct, to repair the time machine which is created by30years latter.

Quote Bernad Shaw’s words to end the account: The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstances they want, and if they cannot find them, make them.

it is so simple scenario and at the finial. mack have got the happy ending to be back to the future.

but…the story is just opening. in2, I can feel directly about the butterfliy efficient. some little thing was changed, it would bring a larger difference in future. mack and duct went to the future to prevent mack family bad ending which is after 30 years. but when they have been successful and return. they find all things had been changed .because the pass future had been changed by them. what's wrong. when?how? everything would be concentrated at 1955 year which date is the mack went back to the they need to stop again and prevent every paradox to be happened again. at the last, they successed.

but, more one time, the paradox changed. the same time sequence had been made difference future duplication. the results was: the thunder hit on the time machine, and let it go to 1885 .

that will be the3 story. and this time made concentration for time machine meaning and his friend, duct was dead. absolutely, 3 is also wonderful and excellent. by so many times time travel, only one person can know him and help him. this time, mack decided to help his best friend. the friend relation is so touched. how many days did they pass together, and how much trouble did they face. but now, that maybe they were last time to see each other in the time sequence. if the movie made by one season drama, I guess I would tear.

the movie still had some many paradox and can not explain by logic and scientific, but I can deny that was a great movie.

but I still lose of some regret. although I have tired to study hard in English, I still could not almost understand for their conversation. if my mother language was English, l would hope to watch more sf and concerned movie.and if l was borned in Japan, I would not take 2 years to master my Japanese to join in the second dimension world. and now, maybe get too late. so expect my job, I only was a neet. and no one will come to feel the philosophy, psychology,scientific,paradox,and some no existence things else in china.

but, I can find almost software and movie and anime by irregular in china, and it let me know whatever I want to know by free.

これはシュタインズ・ゲートの選択なのか? エル プサイ コングルォ

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