Tragedy can be avoided? Or just destiny?

#Law is some tricky shit, isn't it?#

you ain't even really got to lie.

#Look, Thelma, you just gotta stop talking to people. You gotta stop being so open.#

i just need you to say giodbye.

#Brains'll only get you so far and luck always runs out.#

then i really let u go,and you will never see me so just stop wasting my time.

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i will never come around to you again no more.

this will be the end now just shut that door.

but you will miss me everyday.

so hurt in every way,it will probably make you wanna go and drive yourself insane.

you could had it all,but you've broken my heart before u did it like that.

and now i gotta do what i will do.

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